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Whether you’re new to marketing ops, switching marketing automation platforms, or want to deepen your technical skills, there are a ton of resources to teach you how to learn Marketo Engage. From guided trainings to YouTube to blogs to Slack, there are lots of ways to learn how to use Marketo Engage. If you think I missed a resource, let me know in the comments!

Marketo University Online

I love Marketo University Online, and I have all my new users go through it before we do any 1:1 training. It’s a completely free, self-guided tour of Marketo Engage and gives you a broad overview of the platform. They even have an interactive interface that simulates the platform so you can practice the skills you’re learning.

Adobe Digital Learning Services

Adobe also offers live, instructor-led training in several areas of Marketo Engage. If you and your company are completely new to Marketo Engage, it might be worth the cost to make sure that you are set up for success. (I took a version of Core Concepts when I first started using Marketo Engage). I’d recommend Core Concepts I, Core Concepts II, and Creating Event & Webinar Programs. If you’re an Admin, Configuring & Managing Marketo would also be a good training.

Marketo Product Docs

Whether you are studying for a certification exam, want to get up to speed on some basic features, or have a question about a specific feature, the Marketo Product Docs on Adobe Experience League are the source of truth for everything Marketo Engage. This is also where you’ll find release notes.

Marketo User Groups

MUGs are an engaging way to learn about Marketo Engage and meet other users. (Full disclosure: I am definitely biased, because I co-lead the SFMUG.)  Most MUGs are still virtual, so you can attend your local chapter’s meetings or join anywhere in the world! Most virtual (and some in-person) MUGs are recorded, so you can watch the recordings on the MUG portal or on the YouTube channel.

Marketing Nation Community

Marketo’s online Community is a great place to ask questions, search for previously-answered questions, and learn from other users. There’s a discussion board for Q&A, a section all about the new UI, and blogs written by Marketo Engage Champions (including, ahem, yours truly).


There are several YouTube channels devoted to Marketo Engage tips and tricks. The ever-charming Kiwis Grace Brebner and Josh Pickles host The Automation Geeks. Another favorite is Joe Reitz—check out his “Marketo-Fu” videos. I learned so much from him when I was starting out! 

Marketing Ops Communities

With the explosion of Slack over the past decade, several marketing ops Slacks have become virtual water coolers for marketing ops professionals. They’re a great place to ask questions and have discussions in real-time, learn from experts, and build community. My favorites are MOPsPros, The MO Pros, and Email Geeks.

Consultancy Blogs and Resource Centers

There are a number of marketing operations consultancies that employ super smart Marketo Engage experts, and their blogs are chock full of helpful content. 

Other Blogs

Josh Hill’s Marketing Rockstar Guides are the OG unofficial Marketo Engage user manuals (they’re now part of Etumos). Check out his articles on building a center of excellence and program templates.

Sanford Whiteman is hands-down one of the most technical Marketo Engage users out there. He regularly answers questions on Marketing Nation and MOPsPros. He blogs at Teknkl, an in-depth resource for advanced use cases such as Velocity scripting, JavaScript, and more.

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