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Great News for Marketo Engage Users

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Adobe just made several announcements that should excite Marketo Engage users: Champion applications are open, and Marketo renewal exams are now free!

Marketo Engage Champion Applications Are Open

You have until June 2, 2023 to apply for the 2023-2024 Marketo Engage Champion Program. I’ve been a Champion since 2019. It’s been a huge boost to my career and I’ve made lifelong friendships along the way. Champions benefits include:

Free Adobe Certification Renewals

Previously, Adobe charged for all exams, whether it was your first time or you were renewing your certification. Now you can renew your Adobe Certified Expert or Master certification for free. All certifications still last two years.

The renewal exams are shorter and will focus on new technical features. And you don’t have to schedule time with a proctor over screenshare (yay!).

The one catch is that in order to qualify for free renewal, you can’t let your current certification expire. Mark that expiration date in your calendar and make sure to renew before then!

Certification Renewal Page
Exam Details
Renewal FAQ

P.S. If you’re taking the exam for the first time, check out my tips here

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